300 E 4TH Street

Suite #101

Long Beach, Ca. 90802


Mon - Fri :

6:00am - 7:00pm

Sat - Sun :

9:00am - 3:00pm


(714) 262 - 7779


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House of Athletix

Premium Fitness Training

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Former St. Louis Cardinals Baseball player

"As a former professional baseball player I am no newbie to intense result driven workouts and DJ delivers just that."


"I was getting married in 2 months when I came across a business card on a bulletin board. Thank GOODNESS for that. I was able to reach and surpass my goal because of DJ and his training methods."

Carmelita E.

"This is the place to go if you're looking to sweat and tone your muscles. I enjoy going to their Tuesday-Thursday Dance Cardio sessions, they make me relieve all my stresses of the week.
Thank you all for being so friendly!"

Ashley A.

"First of all I wanted to thank my best friend Jessica for introducing me to this place! DJ AND MELISSA are the best! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this studio!

I first took the HEELZ class which originally was on a Monday, but now moved to Wednesdays at 8.Then I was introduced to Jazz Funk and Hip Hop on Mondays and Tuesdays, not to mention both my children Chase and Ava dance the kids hip hop on Wednesdays at 5.

Melissa, the choreographer, SHE BREAKS IT DOWN til you finally get it, her moves are smooth and amazing, i love love love all her classes! EXTREMELY talented dancer and super down to earth! I use this studio strictly for my cardio training when I am not lifting or doing my circuit training. Such a positive and explosive vibe at the same time, the atmosphere is sooo wonderful and uplifiting, things you think you can t do, you can! trust me! Melissa just gives you that vibe.

DJ, Mels husband and a super swole HULK, hes the weight training and circuit crossfit, everything trainer! A FITSPIRATION to others, hes also amazing! As mel says he gets the right angles for the choreo videos at the end of class! He makes me look skinny!!! LOL Such a down to earth and gifted couple! HASHTAG POWERCOUPLE! Both super nice and always willing to answer any questions and WELCOMING to EVERY new comer to the studio.

Not only for dance, but also for fitness!" 

Michelle C.

"I recently moved to the Long Beach area back in December.  I have a membership to LA Fitness but I wanted to do more dancing.  Thankfully in my search on Yelp I came across this studio!  The minute I walked into The Drop In Dance and Fitness Studio the owners, DJ & Melissa, welcomed me with open arms.  They offer a variety of classes both in Dance and Fitness.  I started just taking Hip Hop w/ Melissa once a week, now I take 2 Hip Hop Classes (Melissa & Shimmy) and U-Jam (Patricia).  I LOVE IT!!!  I leave this studio with so much energy that I even sometimes hit the gym afterward.  

If you ever just want to get your groove on, stop on by!  You won't regret it!"

Christine A.

"This place is awesome! Totally spotted it driving home from the movies one night and am SO GLAD I did.
The owners, the Singletons, are the nicest, most encouraging people around.
Can't beat the prices either! And trust me, Melissa's Dance X Cardio (very similar to Zumba) class will get your heart rate going and get you fit in no time!
I also take their Strength & Flexibility class.  A great way to improve flexibility and strength (it's in the name!).  The combination of stretching, weights/resistance, and cardio is the perfect mix to stay in shape.

Perfect place for anyone looking to have a good time while working out and that extra boost of encouragement!
Classes are only an hour long... that's 4% of your day people! Get your butt into the Drop In!"

Mony K.

"This place is a hidden GEM!  Spacious, clean and  the owners, Melissa and DJ, are awesome!  They are so passionate about what they do and welcome everyone with open arms.  They offer a wide variety of dance and fitness classes that are very affordable!  You can also drop in (hence the name :) at anytime and pay per class, no membership required!  Melissa also teaches dance to young kids here, and I got to say, they are just precious to watch!  Melissa is great with them and always makes sure they have a good time!  If you are interested in dance, or just want to add some spunk to your regular workout routine, this is the place!! :D"

Elyssa T.

"The BEST $ I have ever spent!! This place is a perfect 10!! The Dance class today with MEL was AMAZING!!  Fun and a great workout!! Beginning training sessions with DJ this week! Can't wait to see the results. No more LA Fitness for me!!"

Taryn M.

"Such a gem, and the nicest instructors. Couldn't be more convenient and SO FUN! I got nothing but positives for the Drop In: no attitudes, very welcoming, and a great beat."

Sis L.

"Wow!! Very welcoming, extremely fun, and oh boy......Incredible cardio class!!!! Melissa, you have new clients for a long time!!!  Thank you!!"

Juni B.

"I love this place! The owners DJ and Melissa have something great here. It's the only place in Long Beach that offers a selection of hip hop classes. My daughter takes hip hop classes with Shimmy on Friday at 7 pm and she loves it. My wife does Zumba classes with Melissa on Saturday mornings at 11 am. I take Flexibility and Strength Classes on Tuesday and Saturdays and DJ works our butts off! A definite must to stop by and check out The Drop In. The classes are very affordable. You'll love this place!"

Glenna L.

"If I could give 10 stars I would. Great place for a perfect studio workout or dance class. Live DJ set! How cool is that?!? Not bad parking. Food place next door. Owners are warm and welcoming. You already feel like you belong!"

Meia C.

"Just took my 1st Dance Cardio class tonight! And I think I have found my new spot. I been looking for something like this. I enjoyed myself and sweated my butt off. I will be back! Thanks for the great workout!"

Crystal B.

"Best prices for a dance studio! The owners, The Singletons, are super nice and care about the quality of who teaches their classes."


"Great owners, challenging and fun dance choreography, and a welcoming atmosphere for newbies and trained dancers alike. I had a great time trying out the Dance Cardio X class, and look forward to attending this and other classes in the future! Love that they offer dance and cross-training fitness classes!"